ITP 004 - It’s a movie, not about a girl, but about the birds 🦅

Something that someone may or have may not said about a movie involving birds

Episode 004… brought to you by… sarcasm, because why not. Lots of crazy in the world right now… maybe everyone just needs to chill a bit more. It’s kinda like humor… you know in the before times, when it was still ok to mock somethings and make jokes… not because it was mean or passive-agressive, but because we need to laugh and be reminded, no matter the size of the stick up our ass(‘), you’re never perfect, that’s ok, and it’s ok to laugh about it. Sorry, no, you’re not important enough to not have a good laugh at your own expense… no one is. Your political correctness does not exist here… which is why we make movies about birds. 🐣

💡 Ideas

Since there isn’t a yikes category… this gonna land here. It’s on one hand not surprising at all, and on the other hand… pretty shocking. Working against your own company is a obvious non-starter… but what happens when your company starts trying to be evil? It use to be folks… just quit?.. had this changed? Will it change? I’m deeply concerned for the military industrial complex in all of this… what will happen to all the money they want to spend if no one is willing to provide labor. 😳

Google Says Staff Have No Right to Protest Its Choice of Clients

💻 Tech

  • Well, this sort of thing isn’t new… but it turns out what is new, is that TCP (yes, you read that correctly) is 1000x more fucked then we initially thought… and can amplify DDoS attacks… and like EVERYTHING uses that shit protocol… THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! but seriously, check it out if you have infrastructure.

Firewalls and middleboxes can be weaponized for gigantic DDoS attacks

  • There are all sorts of great ideas in the write up for how better to manage your time and/or how to be more efficient in a startup… the irony is not lost that the worst thing for productivity is lack of sleep… so my tip… don’t work 80+ hr weeks… it’s not a flex, it won’t make you better, you’ll get less done.

    An Exact Breakdown of How One CEO Spent His First Two Years of Company-Building

🤯 Politics

Everything we thought we knew was a lie. It turns out, the internet doesn’t make people worse or more political (according to ‘research’)… people are just naturally this horrible… and no, that’s not supposed to be a lol. Probably the most striking statement in the piece:

The research also documented that people in both Denmark and the US do in fact feel that online political discussions are worse than offline discussions, but points to an alternative explanation for this phenomenon.

So, it turns out… the Internet just makes shitty people more visible to the rest of us… oh, and it distributes a ‘tone of porn’… ‘tone of porn’ is an Internet technical term for ‘a shit tone of porn’… but on a serious note… yes, humans created a way to capture and transmit information in a decentralized manner to anywhere in the world to anyone that’s connected so that 30% of it could be… porn. Maybe there isn’t a lot of porn, but the internet just amplifies it?.. sounds like science to me…

New research suggests that the internet is not responsible for making people become more aggressive when engaging in political discussions online, but rather makes the behaviour of more aggressive people more visible.

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