ITP 005 - It’s been a while 👋

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Episode 005… brought to you by… Stained… it’s been a while.

💡 Ideas

Kill all gas powered leaf blowers… just now… kill them dead (and cars… but mostly cars).

More Pollution Than Cars? Gas-Powered Gardening Equipment Poses the Next Air Quality Threat

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers: the End is Nigh

💻 Tech

Technology has too short of a usable life cycle… the 10 year phone aims to change that… and seriously, please click the ‘find out more’ button at the bottom of the page… super cool project!


Ok… BGP is hard (not even scarcasim)… and apparently the folks at Facebook can’t get it right either… they and some of their other services when down for a bit of a nap a few days back. Cloudflare had a brilliant write up discussing the events from their perspective. Hear reports they couldn’t even access their server rooms because their badge readers depended on the DNS someone broke… single point of failure anyone?.. anyone?

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

🤯 Politics

If there are still any questions in your mind about the 2020 US presidental election, this should, without doubt prove… if something happened (it didn’t) it was way better then what they do in Russia… so if something happened (it didn’t) then it clearly wasn’t Russia…

Kremlin critic decries doppelgangers at St Petersburg election

P.S. seriously… 0 election fraud… the “Cyber Security” firm hired by the Republicans and GOP to prove there was fraud said they didn’t find any… and that they actually found uncounted votes for now President Biden. It’s getting close to that point where if you keep talking about this, you need to be brought up on charges of treason.

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