ITP 006 - No it’s not you. 🥸

Would you rather fight a duck sized horse or 100 normal sized ducks?

Episode 006… brought to you by… ducks 🦆. Peking Duck may be delicious, but we don’t take too kindly to cannibalism around these parts. While we’re ducking around… check out duckduckgo for all your search needs (it’s privacy focused; you and your data are not the prodcut).

💡 Ideas

If we’re actually going to solve and have a tiny shot at reversing climate change… we all need to cut back and reduce. Here is a fun, informal and animated guide to do just that. If you like it, consider subscribing or donating to them.

Enough Is Enough What are you willing to give up?

💻 Tech

iOS and iPhone are soooo much better then Microsoft phones (yes, that was a thing)… I mean… Android! Well… maybe not… a new study has some interesting tidbits on the compare.

Are iPhones Really Better for Privacy? Comparative Study of iOS and Android Apps

🤯 Politics

We’re not hear to debate Bill Maher… seriously, don’t care. He made some very interesting points here and essentially outlined the Trump 2024 playbook… yes 2024…

  • New Rule: The Slow-Moving Coup

  • Ok seriously, I know you didn’t watch it. Folks, Trump has not stopped trying to steal the next election… if anything, he and the GOP are closer then ever. They’re getting rid of safe guards in may states… 2022 and 2024 are not in the bag… and then there’s the whole Democratic party eating itself.

A short read on this… it makes waaaay more sense if you think of political spectrum as a circle then a linear ‘right’ and ‘left’… hell you can even box chart it if you’re a nerd… and you know you are.

The Experts Somehow Overlooked Authoritarians on the Left

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