ITP 000 - Introductions, no longer needed 💎

All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again

Hello! Welcome, please come in; stay awhile and enjoy yourself!

The plot here is simple. No more than once each week and no more than four times a month, you will receive an email. Each month, you may get four emails, you may get one… hell you might even get a big, fat, 0 emails; but no matter what happens, you will never get > 1 a week… this is my promise to you, dear reader.

If, and I do mean if, you receive an email - never more then once a week, never more then four times a month - it will more than likely contain links to 1+ URLs on 1+ topics that loosely and liberally fit into one of three categories: ideas 💡 tech 💻 and/or politics 🤯. Accompanying 1+ URLs may be a short summary and/or analysis of why I think said content was profound enough to share outside my mind hole… you might even be exposed to original thoughts 💭.

News and analysis are everywhere, if you dare subscribe… and yes, this is a no more than weekly, no more than four times a month email calling you out… you might be exposed to things you otherwise would not. A collection of musings from across the web, things you might have seen, likely things you have not… exposure to things some might dare call… interesting and even more boldly expand your own mind hole.

ITP 001 will be out sometime this week, or month, or year.

Subscribe, we dare you. . .

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