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I’ve been asked by folks why write random shit about things I read and send to random people. The thing is, they don’t know that I see who subscribers, and this is all an elaborate ploy for me to stop texting them the shit I write about here. 🤷

Do you feel called out… do you want to respond… all you have to do is elevate yourself from a lowly freeloader and write a comment. Adversarial? Too much?.. you tell me 😈

💡 Ideas

  • This files under ideas, because science starts as an idea (and then it’s tested in a verifiable way… it’s not a belief, and it’s not opinion, get over yourself already!)… DeepMind delivered on it’s promise and not only mapped every protein humanly possible (yes, that’s a lol), it did so for 9 other organisms. This is a potentially huge deal (drug makers) and maybe neat but no so cool for (biologists). It’s a huge tech flex… and we should all be scared of what they’re doing that we don’t know about… only a little kidding on that last part.

    DeepMind open-sources protein structure dataset generated by AlphaFold 2

  • Growth is dependent on resources, resources are limited… the fine folks at MIT think they made a model to predict societal collapse… in 1972… some other folks took a recent look. After you read that, just remember, that we’re changing the climate on this planet, but taking shit out of the ground and putting it in the air. We’re doing so much of that, we don’t have any idea what future earth looks like… because the last time this much ground stuff was in the air stuff, dino’s didn’t exist.

    MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We’re on Schedule.

  • In episode 002… we’re going to get a little unconventional here… breaking the rules is just what we do. We’re going to offer up a series of tweets, a tweet storm ⛈ if you would, and… a little something else. This is a really interesting thread, or tweet storm if you would. This is some interesting analysis and some rebuttal to said thread. You don’t come here and read for free for links to others analysis… I see you, I hear you… both threads demonstrate how seriously fucked our (USA 🇺🇸, sorry ‘the rest of the world’) economy has become (and it’s all OAMABA’S FAULT! j/k… but it’s been a while right…). Small business makes for a successful US economy, most people benefit from that by having a place to get/buy stuff and/or have a job. As the ‘mom and pop’ dies out, folks loose jobs, and we loose diversity. But wait, it gets worse… working hard, use to keep someone stable, and maybe even a bit of excess (we sometimes call ‘getting ahead’), but lately (ok over the past probably 30-40 years) working hard is barely treading water, and arguably, slowly (or quickly) drowning. Most folks build wealth by inheriting, marrying, suing (yes, that is a thing… we even had a president that did that well), or investing. Typically investing was one’s time for money, and maybe getting a house/land that would increase in value over time. Ideally, you’d pass that along to your kids and each generation would be a bit better off. That’s all but dead for a lot of reasons, some folks are lucky to afford a house, but most of those folks aren’t really getting ahead. To do that, you need to invest, some people can do that in the stock market (like 401k). An increasing number of people are locked out of home ownership, let alone the stock market.

    TL;DR - threadception

    These threads highlight the current/next evolution… private equity… and even fewer people are able to access this method of investment… but wait, it gets worser (yes, worser…)! These markets are keeping mid/large companies from even going public… so most of us could have a theoretical shot at growth through investing… and worser still, they’re getting bought by mega companies which further intrenches monopolies… this is ‘tech’ as we know it today. The more people that get locked out of progress, the more people will loose faith in the economy and institutions in general.


💻 Tech

  • We need to be moving toward reusable and repairable. Folks at Framework are aiming to change that, and if memory serves, launched this week. They’re trying to make a fully modular laptop, even modular ports. You can mix and match and/or repair/upgrade as you need/want. You can even assemble yourself, or pay them a small fee to put it together for you… and before you write this off… it’s current generation hardware. Only the best for you dear reader. The least you can do is click the link and take a look. (This is not sponsored… we’d never take their money… happy to give a free shout out). (yes… ‘.work’ is a legit TLD)

  • No idea how to file this next one… dude looses his girlfriend and uploads her writing into a machine that creates an AI based on NLP (she dies you heartless people). Buzzword soup aside, this is a super interesting (50min ish) read, and I highly recommend it. Creep factor aside, and astonishment of the technology aside, this could have huge impacts for people dealing with loss… and all sorts of legal implications

    The Jessica Simulation:Love and loss in the age of A.I.

    The death of the woman he loved was too much to bear. Could a mysterious website allow him to speak with her once more?

🤯 Politics

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